Energy departure on the journey to decentralized production.


The pursuit of ‘green’ energy must be seen in the true context of displacing focus from the perceived replacement of carbon rich energy production in contrast of the actual rampant glutinous consumption of energy.

Lifestyles have become frivolous to the degree that irrespective of what level of development a country had achieved, citizens gorge themselves on energy at the expense of the environment. Indeed at the expense of the future.

In an era that a modern smart phone’s annual energy consumption exceeds a modern refrigerator, an average family with two teenagers, digital entertainment alone can consume more than their grocery preservation costs by at least a factor of six (4 x smart phone and at least 2 tablets).


Rather, the pursuit of procuring a ‘green’ future should be a collaboration of advancing carbon negative energy production IN conjunction with reducing and moderating individual energy consumption. Construction of solar and wind farms must be planned while cognitive of the direct compromise on habitat and agricultural food security. Instead of selecting pristine tracts of land in remote locations requiring expensive infrastructure to conduct electricity to consumers, rather clad urban environments with PV to produce energy where the demand is highest and the conduction costs are vastly reduced.


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