Glimpses beneath the waves.

Green Turtles which visit the coastline of South Africa, swim from their breeding grounds in NW Australia and head up to feeding regions off Angola, effectively traversing three Oceans in the process.

A Green Turtle, like all other marine turtles, has become the ‘Panda’ of marine conservation. The incredible journey of over 35000km by Yoshi, a Green Turtle released with a GPS tracker, has demonstrated how vital protection of the entire marine system is as he effectively swam through 3 Oceans to get to a breeding ground off the Australian coast.

There is no part of the ocean, not even in the deepest parts of the abyss, that does not know and respond to the mysterious forces that create the tide.’

Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us

So few people have the privilege of witnessing the splendor of the marine life.

Beyond the view of most people, the biodiversity of the Oceans is under constant threat from terrestrial plastic and chemical pollution that enters the ocean through dumping, rivers and neglect.

With the correct protective litigation and human conduct, marine eco systems have a phenomenal capacity to rebound.

Watch marine invertebrates : Watch Here

Generally persecuted through ignorance, sharks play a pivotal role in maintaining biodiversity and creating biomass abundance.

Every species has a vital role in managing both biodiversity and biomass in the ocean. Apex and micro apex predators are keystone species in this role.

The Strandloper Project, along with three other research organizations, conducts valuable marine research to influence fisheries policies in the Garden Route. However, the onus of protection of the ocean is for the entire general public to take responsibility of protecting the ocean.

While research plays a vital role in both understanding and planning for marine conservation, the huge responsibility rests of the general public to mitigate all threats to the integrity of the Oceans.

Marine Videos


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