Teach a man to fish…

Artesian fishing in rural communities is often the primary source of animal protein available.

For the most part, they fish for the pot, taking only what they can consume on a daily basis as they lack the ability to refrigerate any excess and need to carry their catch long distances.

Fishing for a meal for tonight.

They are selective of where they fish and cast, as loosing tackle is an expense that they can not afford.

Bait is collected where they fish and collected according to current sea conditions.

Fish for dinner.

Getting to a fishing site often requires catching a taxi to an access point and walking up to 5km in one direction.

Enough protein for the family for dinner.

Three years of research indicates that the rate of tackle loss is lower than for sport fishing, and when snagging does occur, the hook snags and is not a #ghostfishing threat.

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