Nature Talks – Short glimpses of marine life in South Africa.

A juvenile sole buries itself in the sand after swimming around a tidal pool.
A glimpse at the nocturnal hunting of a Common Octopus.
An Eagle Ray swimming in the Swartvlei Estuary Mouth
A Knysna Seahorse swims free after being rescued after being rescued when it was stranded following the breaching of the Swartvlei Estuary mouth.
A young common octopus reaches out to grab a GoPro camera.
A male Blue Stingray searches for a receptive female to mate with.
A Four Tone Nudibranch has and encounter with a flatworm.
Encountering a large fish on the Paquita Wreck in the Knysna Heads.
A curious yearling Cape Fur Seal inspects me while diving at Gericke’s Point.
A chance encounter with a Green Turtle while on a reef clean up dive in the Garden Route
A Lesser Guitarfish patrols the seabed for prey.
A West Coast Rock Lobster retreats into a crevice in the reef during a survey dive.
Nocturnal hunting antics of a Common Octopus
A pair of Red Roman disrupt a feeding frenzy in the Kelp Forest at Boulders Beach
Swimming with a Hawksbill Turtle.
Diving with a Puffadder Shy Shark and Pyjama Catshark in the Kelp Forest

Belly-striped Puffer sheltering beneath a reef overhang in the Garden Route.

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