Sighting of Otter tracks at Buffalo Bay.

While the humans are away, the wildlife comes out to play.

This was definitely true at Buffalo Bay this morning.

As part of the Strandloper Project, we have mapped evidence (spoor, scat and sightings) of Cape Clawless Otters along 415km of coastline between Storms River and Blombos in the Southern Cape.

View video.

All of our Otter records are along unpopulated sections of shoreline.

This morning, at Buffalo Bay, while doing a plastic survey on the beach, I found fresh Otter tracks coming out of the ocean and heading into the dunes.

While there is a population of Otters in the Goukamma Nature Reserve, I have never seen any  evidence in front of the houses at the main beach.

#StrandloperProject # #FishfortheFuture #wildlife

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